A Brief Introduction

Well hello there!


Thanks for stopping by to find out who on Earth I am!

My name is Claire, and I’m a filmmaker, speaker, author & entrepreneur.

Sounds impressive doesn’t it?!  Well I’m also a procrastinator, an over-analyser, an embarrassingly bad yogi & a housework avoider.  Hope that brings your image of me crashing back down to earth… 😉

I specialise in working with children & young people, and I founded the Buzz Movie Makers film school & film festival.  I also wrote & produced the best-selling book & DVD set, ‘A Kid, a Camera & a Big Idea:  The Complete Movie Making Guide for Kids’.  After working with thousands of children on three continents, I began working on my own film projects & public speaking workshops, based around my 2 biggest passions:

  • Living a compassionate & healthy vegan lifestyle
  • Respectful parenting & teaching of kids & young people

My DVD presenters & I trying to look mean and moody

I switched to a purely plant based lifestyle in 2011, and discovered the respectful parenting/teaching movement in 2014.  These two areas form the basis of my film research at this point in time – and I love it when the two worlds collide.

So welcome to my little online space – I hope I can help to create conversations which bring a little more compassion into the world.  And of course, a side serve of comedy 🙂

“There is little success where there is little laughter.”  – Andrew Carnegie

Claire x

(PS: Fun fact, Andrew Carnegie & I originate from the same town of Dunfermline, in Scotland) 🙂