Being Vegan is so Much More Than Diet - But it's a Good Place to Start

If you’re new to the veg life, you may be surprised to know that there is more than one way to eat ‘vegan’.  Here’s a light-hearted run-down of 7 different types of vegan eaters, & a silly explanation of what on earth is on their plates…

*Please note – there is sarcasm in this post with no offence intended.  Just putting that out there now…!*

1.  The Junk Food Vegan

Junk food vegans tend to be eating this way for ethical (usually animal rights) reasons, rather than health.  Any food is fair game, as long as it doesn’t include animal products.  Yes – chips are usually vegan!  These kinds of foods also generally help people transitioning to vegan from a ‘standard’ diet.

Most Likely to Eat:  Tofurky Pizza.  Soy ice cream.  Mac & Cheeze.

Most Likely to Say:  “OREOS are vegan?!!  Hell YES!”

Famous Faces:  None that I know of – they’re all passed out on their beds in Oreo comas….

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2.  The Whole Foods/Plant Based Vegan

Whole foods vegans tend to stick to unprocessed foods (preferably organic) & try to avoid anything that comes in a packet.  Unless it’s some crazy expensive superfood.  For that, an exception can be made… They will also often avoid common irritants like gluten & soy, & tend to cook a lot from scratch at home.

Most Likely to Eat:  Fresh fruit & veggies.  Whole grains.  Beans & legumes.  Home made meals.

Most Likely to Say:  “Is that gluten free, sugar free & soy free?  Then, yep, I’ll eat it!”

Famous Faces:  Ella Woodward, AKA ‘Deliciously Ella‘; Angela Liddon of ‘Oh She Glows

Popular Hashtags:  #wholefoodsvegan #cleaneating #plantbased


3.  The Raw Vegan

Raw vegans eat a lot (or all) of their food raw – or heated/dehydrated at very low temperatures.  Often people switch between different levels of ‘raw-ness’ at different times in their lives – although there are some hardcore raw foodies who are all in, 100%.  Living a life without potatoes…. 😉

Most Likely to Eat:  Fruits, salads, raw veggies, nut butters, dehydrated snacks like flax crackers.

Most Likely to Say:  “Cooked foods are the devil.”

Famous Faces:  Laura Miller, of ‘Raw Vegan Not Gross’ fame; Russell James AKA ‘The Raw Chef‘.

Popular Hashtags:  #rawvegan #rawfood #rawfoodshare


4.  The Low Fat Raw (80/10/10) Vegan

80/10/10 veganism was popularised by the book ‘The 80/10/10 Diet’ by Douglas Graham. It involves consuming whole, fresh, ripe, raw, organic fruits & vegetables – and obtaining around 80% of calories from carbs, up to 10% from protein & up to 10% from fats.  The big difference between this diet & a traditional raw foods diet, is the emphasis on keeping fat content low & fruit content high.

Most Likely to Eat:  The biggest salad you’ve ever seen in your life.  10 banana smoothies.

Most Likely to Say:  “High fat diets are the devil.” 😉

Famous Faces:  Fully Raw Kristina, Rawvana, The Raw Boy, Raw Manda.

Popular Hashtags: #fullyraw #801010 #hclfrv


5.  The ‘Raw Till 4’ Vegan

Raw Till 4 was popularised by Freelee, a popular vegan YouTuber/blogger & selfie taker.  😉  She realised that a lot of people find it kind of hard to stick with a 100% raw 80/10/10 diet, so introduced the idea of staying raw until 4pm-ish & having a cooked dinner.  This type of eating still advocates a high carb, low fat 80/10/10 ratio – just with the option of cooked foods at dinner.

Most Likely to Eat:  Giant platters of fruit.  Nice Cream.  Mountains of rice & potatoes (no calorie restriction!)

Most Likely to Say:  “Carb the f*ck up!”  “Go fruit yourself!”

Famous Faces:  Freelee the Banana Girl,  Loni Jane, Sasha from Rice & Raw.

Popular Hashtags:  #rawtill4 #carbthefuckup #gofruityourself #fueledbyfruits


6.  The Starch Solution Vegan

The Starch Solution is a book by Dr John McDougall, which, like the 80/10/10 diet, advises eating a high carb, low fat diet of whole plant foods.  Unlike 80/10/10, which focuses on obtaining carbohydrates from fruit, The Starch Solution focuses on cooked starches like potatoes, rice, oats & corn.  Based on over 30 years of research & work with patients in his own practice, Dr McDougall advises eating this way in order to maintain a healthy weight & healthy body for life.

Most Likely to Eat:  Baked oatmeal.  Lots of veggies.  And potatoes.  Lots & lots of potatoes!

Most Likely to Say:  “Can I have a large order of potatoes please?  With more potatoes on the side?”

Famous Faces:  Dr John McDougall himself, his wife, ummm… Ok, fine, I don’t knooowww!!!  Help me?

Popular Hashtags: #starchsolution #mcdougalldiet #gorootyourself


7.  The Beauty Detox Vegan

The Beauty Detox Solution is a book by Clinical Nutritionist Kimberly Snyder.  With some similar elements to some of the above plans (low fat, plant based, dairy free, lots of raw food), she also advocates a couple of other habits to achieving good health; such as consuming probiotic-rich fermented foods, and eating ‘properly combined‘ foods, light to heavy over the course of the day (this part is similar to the Raw Till 4 lifestyle too).  Kimberly is also famous for her ‘Glowing Green Smoothie‘, & Beauty Detoxers usually start their day with a huge green drink.

Most Likely to Eat:  Green smoothies. Salads.  Sauerkraut.  Home made veggie burgers.  Quinoa.

Most Likely to Say:  “I love kale.”

Famous Faces:  Kimberly Snyder (of course), Yvonne Ardestani of My Eclectic Kitchen, actresses Kerry Washington & Drew Barrymore (the actresses are not vegan as far as I know, but they follow her plan & do dairy free).

Popular Hashtags:  #ggs #glowinggreensmoothie #glowbio #beautydetoxsolution #beautydetoxfoods


Honourable Mentions

Of course, there are many other variations, & often people will bounce around between different camps depending on how they’re feeling, so maybe there should also be an ‘All of the Above’ category.  Some other choices people may make or incorporate are:

  • The Sugar Free Vegan (Self explanatory)
  • The Gluten Free Vegan (Bye bye bread)
  • The Low FODMAP Vegan (AKA the impossible to follow diet – believe me, I tried & failed….)
  • The Paleo Vegan (Yep, that’s a thing now)
  • The Imperfect Vegan (Ate soup.  Enjoyed soup.  Found out there was fish stock in soup.  Felt really bad about that.  Moved on with life.)
  • The Transitioning Vegan (Trying to end the cheese addiction.  The struggle is real.)

Any I’ve missed?  Which one are you? Or do you combine more than one? Let me know!!!


*I want to reiterate that veganism is more than just dietary – this post, however, only explores eating styles.*

Please continue the conversation below.  But before you do, remember this:  Debate is great, hatred is not.  Think before you type.  “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” – Dalai Lama