Mississippi Vegan Shares His Vegan Story, & Why He Doesn't Fit the Vegan Stereotype

Today’s #unlikelyvegan is Timothy (AKA @mississippivegan on Instragram):

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He says:

I became vegan before I really knew what the word “vegan” meant. When I began college, I had to start making more decisions on what I was eating as I wasn’t being served anything by my school or my parents anymore. For the first time, I was making the decisions. I quickly became fascinated with eating nutrient dense foods. This was a concept that was new to me. To really think: does this food have a ton of vitamins and minerals, and if so, what are they? I quickly realized that colorful food was the most nutritious. After a very significant amount of research, I ultimately realized that plants were the optimal source of nutrition and adopted a plant based diet.

Upon further research, I started seeing studies proving that animal protein was not only unnecessary for humans, but was actually bad for human health. I quickly removed all animal products from my diet, which at that point was easy since I was already eating mainly plants.

After even more research, I stumbled upon videos of factory farming.

My eyes opened and my heart sunk. It sunk very low. How could I have not known this was happening? How could this be happening?

It was at that point that my plant based diet became as much about ethics as about health for me.

After even more research, I came to learn exactly how detrimental animal agriculture was on the environment. I was shocked! How could I have gone so long without knowing how terrible the cow industry was on the environment? How could I have not known that depleting the ocean of sea animals could severely affect the ocean in such a negative way? So many more things kept piling up. All of it was shocking and upsetting.

Vegan Rosemary Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies by Mississippi Vegan - From Claire Dicarlo - Compassion & Comedy www.clairedicarlo.com #mississippivegan #vegancookies #vegan #plantbased

Vegan Rosemary Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies by Mississippi Vegan

But while I was becoming more and more outraged and upset, I was also becoming more and more excited in the kitchen and shopping for food. Trying new fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, grains and legumes, and learning how to veganize dishes I was raised on, I started to fall in love with plants even more. Ultimately, I was having a blast and I can honestly say that I am still having a blast. If I could convince anyone of one thing – I would want it to be that the plant kingdom is the most amazing gift to humans. It is our job to research it, respect it, support it, plant it, grow it, and eat it!”

I absolutely love Timothy‘s food account. You may also notice from the top right picture that he’s good friends with @brusselsvegan, who I also adore (she also runs the @bestofvegan page which is a constant drool-fest!)

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