I love using film as a medium for both entertainment and education.

I previously worked as a freelancer in the film industry, and founded my own film school & film festival, ‘Buzz Movie Makers’. I’m also author of the book, ‘A Kid, a Camera & a Big Idea:  The Complete Guide to Movie Making for Kids‘. This book comes with an awesomely funny 3 hour DVD full of tutorials kids will love.

A Kid, a Camera & a Big Idea: The Complete Guide to Movie Making for Kids by Claire Dicarlo

My first book, aimed at kids aged 8-13

I’m now moving into documentary filmmaking.  My films will initially focus around my main interests:


Vegan children, parenting & pregnancy

Alternative education

Peaceful/respectful parenting methods


As you might have noticed, I have a strong interest in childhood and education.  I also have a strong interest in laughter and happiness – so don’t expect my docos to be a sob-fest. More of a smile-fest, I hope 🙂

Current Project – Compassionate Kids

I’m currently shooting a short documentary called ‘Compassionate Kids’.  The film features interviews with vegan children aged 3 to 15.  Some lifelong vegans, some newly vegan, some plant-based with the odd bit of dairy at events.  Some with vegan parents, some with omni parents.  All with interesting things to say.

I’ve shot with around 20 young people so far, and it’s been really beautiful to get such a varied insight into what veganism looks like for kids and teens.  And so refreshing to hear their stories in their own words.  Positive and negative.  Funny and serious.  Often wise beyond their years.

Will update this page with the finished film very soon!  It will be free to watch and share, and will also be on YouTube.

My aim will be to expand on this topic in a future feature film – so watch this space!

Recommended Films

In the meantime, if you’re interested in some of the same topics as me, I’d love to recommend my favourite films on these subjects.  Some of them you may have heard of, others perhaps not.  I find that films are a great resource to share with others too.  Enjoy!


Health & The Food Industry

Animal Rights

Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, Earthlings is one of the most powerful documentaries I have ever seen. Undercover footage examines the varying ways we use animals.  Watch for free at the Earthlings website.  *Warning:  Contains graphic images of animal cruelty & death.*  If you don’t want to watch, I completely understand (even this trailer makes me cry) – but I would say this: before I changed my lifestyle, I found it was helpful for me to examine why I was uncomfortable watching films like this, but still comfortable participating at a distance by supporting these industries with my dollars and choices. It seemed like a contradiction. I eventually decided that if I couldn’t even watch this stuff, then how could I support it?!  It was time to open my eyes. I did watch the film and found it impacted me more than any other.






Respectful/Peaceful Parenting


Alternative Education


Denise, Ben & Meg – A Cambodian Adoption Story

*I’d also like to make a note here – many of these films are made and based in the USA.  Think these are only American issues? I used to think that too. This is unfortunately not the case, and similar films and studies are now being released from other countries rapidly.  Coming from the UK & living in Australia, I wanted to believe that things are different in those countries (and in some cases, they are); but overall, these are global issues.  I will link to as many worldwide resources as possible as this page grows.*

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